ODIN2: August Update

Hello backers!

Happy summer and please enjoy it while we still have it.  I can already see some leaves turning brown in Brooklyn.

In our June update, we mentioned that we had two major roadblocks - touch panel firmware and hinge stability and I feel like these two items have been solved.  

Touch Panel - we had to find another screen supplier and remake the touch panel mold and I personally tested the touch panel working.  

Hinge Stability - In previous prototype versions, we 3D printed the plastic body and base casing.  This time we used a higher grade plastic prototyping method, which will be similar to the mass-production version quality and we also changed to a metal base to provide more weight.  I feel the hinge movement is smooth and stable enough now.  I feel good about this also. 

Here is a picture of ODIN2 playing a video on ESPN on a web browser.


Below is a video of ODIN2 prototype turning on.  I have to apologize that it only shows ODIN2 turning on.  I was testing it yesterday and I was able to use the WiFi and browse the Internet but I turned it off by unplugging it directly from the wall instead of turning the device off first, and now, the start-up mode is looping and I can't test anything else.

Next Challenges:

Although I was only able to test for a limited time, I listed below issues that need to resolved before I can decide on the mass production step.

  • Optical brightness was not as bright as it should be in the prototype.  This is related to heat in the device.  We need to figure out a better way to get rid of heat inside the device.  I think a combination of heat sink, airflow path and fan speed and model needs to be addressed. [Difficult]
  • The user facing camera was not sensitive enough in a dimly lit environment.  Mostly likely need to switch camera. [Low to Medium Difficulty] 
  • Optimize WiFi and Bluetooth quality [Med Difficulty]
  • Keystone and Auto focus needs to work a lot better. [Low to Medium Difficulty]
  • More modifications to the home page to improve usability. [Low to Medium Difficulty]
  • In general, mores testing needs to be done with a variety of apps.  

I will be going back to Shenzhen China in the next week or two to sit down with the engineers on the above concerns.  Only when I am satisfied that we are making good progress on the heat dissipation (high concern) and majority of software (less concern) issues, we will open the mold for mass production.  

The most important thing for me at this point is that all of you receive a quality product.  This being our second time, I really thought that we would have a more smooth production and delivery but due to working with a new engineering team, this has not been the case. 

I know that a lot of you want a delivery date for ODIN2, which is very understandable.  Right now, I am not sure when the date will be but hopefully, I will have a better handle on it in the next 3 to 4 weeks.   

Sorry for the delay and I thank you for your patience.


Alex Yoo from Dos Owls

More Pics: Please note this prototype is all black.  Mass version will have the white body casing - same as the picture on Kickstarter.