ODIN2 Stretch Goals + Opportunities

Hello ODIN2 Backers,

We are currently at $174,000 with 21 more days to go.  We want to keep this momentum going, so we are rolling out with stretch goals.  As we breakthrough each milestone, we will include the items when shipping ODIN2.  The first stretch goal was requested from our current ODIN2 backers, Shahvan Kaikobad and Anthony Calloway.

Stretch Goals

  • $225K - Include KODI application - award winning software for playing videos, music, pictures, games, and more
  • $300K - ODIN2 Carrying Case
  • $500K - Upgrade internal storage to 32 GB

We received one question from many backers, "Will ODIN2 work with Apple devices?" The answer is Yes, it will work with Apple products by a screen mirroring software that we will integrate into ODIN2 before shipping.  You will be able to transfer your phone or tablet images and videos to ODIN2. 

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Investment Opportunity

Also, Dos Owls is a self-funded company so far and after this campaign, we will be looking for investors. If you are interested or know of any angels, please message me.  We believe the advances in optical lens will change the way consumers interact with optical screens and we plan to become a major player in the smart projector segment.

Best regards,

Alex Yoo + Dos Owls Team

Creators Helping Creators:

My wife bought FLIP and told me about it -  a smart stylus for your tablet and phone. You will be able to design and sketch what you want with a stylus on a tablet and mirror the screen on ODIN2's 100"+ screen.

FLIP: The World’s Most Intuitive Smart Stylus

Lynktec’s back on KS again with another great accessory for Apple enthusiasts, a smarter stylus that’s magnetically powered and works just like the pencil you grew up with! This new technology provides advanced features like flip to erase, zoom, hover, auto dimming, palm rejection, and more without using Bluetooth or batteries. If you like having cool tech that lets you get more out of your iPad and/or iPhone, we definitely suggest you check it out HERE: