ODIN 2 Update - March 2017

Hello Backers!

Spring is here and it is getting warmer in New York.  Hope you are enjoying the change of weather as well.

Sorry about the delay in sending you an update.  I was waiting so I could update you with a video of the new prototype but the new prototype will not be ready for another 4 weeks. 

We had to make more modifications to ODIN2's mechanical structure to accommodate a bigger touch panel.  In the Kickstarter prototype you saw a few months ago, it included a 4.7" touch screen.  However, when we tried to get more of the same touch screens, manufacturer stopped making them, so we had to wait for the new 5.5" touch screens to come in stock.

Besides changing the casing structure, we had to remake the touch panel tooling (the piece that goes on top of the screen).  Once the touch panel molding is confirmed, we will remake the PCB.

Next Steps

Once I confirm the next prototype version, we will start on opening the mould for the casing which will take about 6 to 8 weeks. Another 6 to 8 weeks after that until end of mass assembly.

Below are some of the modifications that we made:


The two small holes on the top are holes for the microphone.


The wider profile make the device look a lot skinnier overall. We also had to widen the lens cover to re-balance the front profile.


This is a side view of the cross section. We already started the molding on the hinge which allows ODIN2 to tilt when viewing.


There are a lot of parts to ODIN. A lot of these parts have to be custom made.