Modified Stretch Goal + Engineering Insights

Hi ODIN2 Backers!

We received some feedback from some backers regarding the previous stretch goals andafter listening to their opinions and reasoning, we decided to change them.

For now, we will have one stretch goal at $300K which will double the storage capacity to 32GB.  KODI app will be installed as a standard feature and we will also include the carrying case regardless of the final Kickstarter pledge amount.  We are currently at $180K, so please share and spread the word!

Engineering Insights

I personally find the engineering process very interesting.  Below is our heat dissipation diagram for our prototype #2. 

You will see that approximately 50% of the internal components are made up of the heat sink and fan.  We are using the latest optical technology, which is very efficient in producing the 300 lumens but it still gets very hot.  A few things to note:

  • The larger heat-sink will have a higher heat capacity (will help the device stay cooler)
  • We are using a copper heat-sink, because it is more effective than an aluminum heat-sink (it is also more expensive)
  • Bigger fan will blow more air, which means that we can run the fan at a slower speed compared to a smaller fan.  Slower fan speed will be quieter
  • Thinking of adding another air hole on the left side of ODIN2 to improve airflow
  • Increasing the space between top of the fan and the PCB by 1.5 mm to improve airflow
  • Modifying the air hole design to get more airflow - still in progress

If you have any questions, please send us a message or post on the comments section.


Alex + Dos Owls Team

Creators Helping Creators:

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