Refund Calculation and Timing

Hi Backers,

Below, please see your refund recovery information. 

Summary of Expenses and Proceeds (24 months):

  • $151,512 - Total Collected from IndieGoGo and Kickstarter (After 8% fees to KS and 10% fees to IGG)
  • $98,907 - Total expenses incurred on ODIN2
  • $39,379 - My Contribution to ODIN2 (This is my loss on the second version) 
  • $91,984 - Total refund amount
  • 56% - Your recovery percentage 

If you haven't filled out the refund form, please fill it out.  If you already filled it out, please DO NOT fill it out again - this will delay your refund bc we have to recheck again.  Refunds will go out in the next 2 weeks.

Thanks again for your support and understanding.