October ODIN2 Update

Hello backers,

I want to share a new video of me testing the latest prototype.  In the video, I am browsing a Game of Thrones behind the scenes video in HBO NOW, watching an ESPN sports video and a Saturday Night Live episode on YouTube.

The optical brightness is still less than 50% of capacity but optical quality and sound is a lot better than ODIN1.  ODIN2 only has one 3-watt speaker but it has a sound cavity and better amplifier chip than ODIN1 to deliver a superior sound. 

In my last update in August, I mentioned that the heat dissipation was the biggest issue.  My engineers are off this week due to the Chinese Golden Week but I am told that the new heat sink - for heat dissipation - will be delivered next week from the heat sink supplier.  Keeping my fingers crossed.   

Below are some pictures and video from my September trip to Shenzhen.


Old Fan and New Fan


Old Heatsink Proto


September Version - Heat Sink Proto

Rooting Change

For those sophisticated Android tinkerers, we mentioned that ODIN2 will be open root system but due to a recent change in Netflix app, we will not be opening the root access.  Recent Netflix app does not work on rooted systems (relevant article). I found this out recently after trying to install the Netflix app. 

Promise to Backers:

I am not going produce a crappy product for the sake of just delivering this project.  ODIN2 is pretty complicated and it requires a lot of financial and technical resources.  Progress has been slow but I am working through all the issues as best as I can.   

We have very little cash burn at the moment, because a lot of engineering expenses have already been paid.  I am sorry for the delay and I really appreciate the patience that most of you have shown. 

Alex Yoo