ODIN 2.0 is Coming Together


Hope you are enjoying the early summer weather.  At Dos Owls, we are busy working on ODIN 2.0. 

Last month, we asked you what new features and improvements you want to see in ODIN 2.0.  We have compiled the list below.  We will do our best to incorporate all of your comments and suggestions during the design process.  If you have any more suggestions, please feel free to send them to our Facebook page.

New Features:

1. Keystone Adjustment

2. Tripod Mount

3. Android TV OS

4. Improved User Interface Design

5. Ability to Zoom In and Out


1. Better WiFi and Bluetooth Signal

2. Longer Battery Life

3. Better Sound

4. Higher Optical Resolution and Brightness (Lumens)

5. Quieter Fan

Please note that due to constraints (size, budget, time, vision, etc.), we will not be able to implement all the suggestions but we will definitely study all of your suggestions.


This is us testing out the new optical lens model.  I can say that it will be definitely brighter.... :-)


New Setup Showcase

Charles Rismyhr, one of our backers, sent us this video and photo of his new Sega Sonic the Hedgehog game system on ODIN.  For $17, you can play the classic Sonic the Hedgehog game without the actual Sega game system.  

1. You can download the app from Google Play for $2 dollars

- http://play.mob.org/game/sonic_the_hedgehog.html

2. This controller is called "Zero" from a company called 8bitdo. You can find the controller for $15 from amazon. 

ODIN in Action

OLIVER - How many kids have their own personal 40" screen size in their room?  Well, Oliver does and he loves ODIN!  Sure beats an iPad's 10 inches - in this case, bigger is better.  I love Mr. Rogers too....

Oliver Watching ODIN.JPG

Diane Womble - Movie in the Backyard

Diane in Florida has one of the best setups.  Her screen is the size of her 2 car garage.  See her backyard movie night pictures below.  She hooked up her Samson D208 speaker to ODIN with a simple audio cable.