Out of Hibernation!

Hello Owls!  We are finally out of our hibernation and we are itching to get back to work.  

It seems like yesterday that we finished our Kickstarter campaign in July 2014.  Time sure flies!  Last May/June 2015, we delivered ODIN 1.0 to all of our Kickstarter backers and we also sold out of our first production run earlier this year.  It was a steep learning curve dealing engineering, production, delivery and after service requirements but we were able to get through them with your feedback, patience and understanding. 

Now as we go forward, we want to update you on what is happening here.  We recently started our hardware and software design process for ODIN 2.0 and we want your feedback.  What features and changes would you like to see on ODIN 2.0?  We want to incorporate your feedback and suggestions as much as we can. Please post your suggestions on our FaceBook page

Recent Activities

March 2016 - Our initial sketches by our new Industrial designer, Edward Mitchell.  ODIN 2.0 will still have a stand for multiple viewing angles.  


May 2016 - This is a picture of the ferry on my way back from Shenzhen to Hong Kong earlier this month.  It is impossible to make consumer devices without visiting Shenzhen.  I was meeting with our new engineering team and thy are currently hard at work. 


April 2016 - My wife and I preparing to do yoga at home.  It was great not going to the yoga studio since it was raining outside.  We also saved time and money.

Hoot Hoot!!

Alex Yoo