ODIN CONTEST Announcement!

Hello Backers,

Here at Dos Owls, we have been seeing a lot of recent photos of ODINs in action. We want to take this a step further by bringing together all of your Dos Owls experiences into one place.  Today, we are starting our #ODINContest2015. This contest will be held on our Facebook Page

This contest will be a great way to see all of our backers using their ODINs in a variety of extraordinary situations. However, it doesn’t just stop there. By sharing your ODIN story with us and garnering the most votes, you will receive a very, very special prize.


The grand prize winner will receive a prototype of INO, a Dos Owls tablet projector.  INO is an android hybrid that is still in the prototype stage.  INO has never before been announced or released publicly, thus making you the sole owner of the said model.  It is definitely better than an Amazon gift card!!!  See our playful video script below.



We really want to see and learn the unique ways you have been using ODIN. From what we've seen so far, we've been blown away and are excited for this contest to commence. We hope you are enjoying ODIN and all of its capabilities.

Good luck ODIN lovers, make sure to get your friends and families involved so you could take home this super cool prize!!

The Dos Owls Team

(P.S. Here are a few examples of how our Dos Owls family backers have been using their ODINs)

Glen Lambert 1.jpg