Ready for order: ODIN Feedback

How is ODIN treating you?


We hope ODIN is living up to your Netflix binging, PowerPoint presenting, and gaming expectations. We recently sent out a survey regarding your feedback and how we can learn and improve, particularly with future versions. The responses have been more than helpful and we truly appreciate all your input. By getting to know you better we hope to build a family of people alike who share and support our vision. 

Welcome to the Dos Owls family. 


Alex Yoo
Founder of Dos Owls

"We Feed on Darkness"



1.  ODIN is fully available for order and shipping

2. The website is in the process of being remodeled

3. We are in the process of developing a contest with a HUGE reward for all of you who own ODIN. The contest will run on Facebook soon so make sure to follow us on there as well as Twitter and Instagram for updates!

Backer Galore! 

You guys have been using ODIN in such unique ways and haven't been afraid to show us. Here are some of the setups are backers have been sharing. 

  • Picture 1: AMAZING tripod mount modification from David Kreller 
  • Picture 2: Relaxing outdoor hot tub setup by Glen Lambert
  • Picture 3: Empty room turned into indoor theater by Brandon Ballin 

Again, we truly appreciate all the feedback you guys have given us. thank you once again for your help in creating Dos Owls ODIN.

If you need to contact us, please send us an email via our website -


Just a heads up: Orange is the New Black season 3 is now on Netflix. Binge to your heart's extent!
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