Dos Owls ODIN: Shipping Soon!

Hello Dos Owls Fans!

Last Thursday, we shipped a batch from the assembly factory to our distribution center in Hong Kong. This is a major milestone for Dos Owls and I want to thank everyone for your support. It would not have been possible without all of your combined support. 

Thursday, April 23rd in Shenzhen, China

Delivery guy is packing up ODINs in his van for the trip to Hong Kong.

Delivery Time

This coming week, we will be sorting ODINs for different power plugs and will print shipping labels and pack them for shipment, which will take about a week. After courier pick-up, it will take another 5 to 7 business days for transit. In our February shipment, all shipments were successfully delivered except for the India shipment, which we believe is due to local environment / cultural factors.

Important: Before Using ODIN

In order to save time and frustration, it is important that you review and become familiar with ODIN's capabilities before using for the first time. We have videos on how to use ODIN's mousepad, turn on/off ODIN, connect to WiFi, switch to Bluetooth speaker mode, etc. on our website's support page. We received a lot of questions related to the mouse pad, so please make sure you know the double tap and slide / hold to navigate (or you can connect a regular computer mouse to ODIN's USB port).

In the future, please visit this page for new updates. As we receive more questions and feedback, we will update the support page. 

Dos Owls Fans

I want to share some awesome setups from early ODIN users. Diane from Florida has a 12 foot screen in her back yard that is almost as tall as her car garage. Turn on ODIN to watch a movie or share pictures with your friends. Truly impressive!

Ray from California has a huge projector screen in his living room. Below, he is playing Grand Theft Auto on his Xbox One connected to ODIN's HDMI port. 

Please share your stories with us and send us your photos and videos. We want to know how, where and when you are using ODIN. 

Future Plans

After shipping our Kickstarter and pre-orders in May, we want to hear how we can improve subsequent generations. Please share your suggestions with us. 

We will also start seeking potential investors for Dos Owls. We will look at the new equity crowdfunding platforms and traditional investment channels. 

If you need to contact us, please send us an email via our website -

Once again, I want to thank you once again for your help in creating Dos Owls ODIN.

Dos Owls Team