Contest Results and More

Hello Owls!

Hope you were able to use your ODIN during your summer events.  We have been busy with receiving feedback and developing the Dos Owls community.


Our contest winner for the #ODINContest2015 is Andreas Treskatch from Germany.  He had the most amount of votes. We also had cool entries from Glen Lambert, Shaiful Aizal, Seohee Koh, and David Crellen. It is amazing to see the different ways that our backers are utilizing ODIN and we would love to see you share your experiences with us by posting on our Facebook page.  Here are some entries from #ODINContest2015.

Recommended TV Apps

ODIN is able to take advantage of the Android App ecosystem to completely enhance your media experience.  One of our backers, Raymond Stefanelli, recommends installing TVMC (derivative of Kodi/XMBC) on ODIN.   He says: 

     "I downloaded and installed TVMC on Odin. It's amazing! There's an audio amplifier that really brings the speakers alive." 

Also, our latest backer, Iowaka Barber, who is a cordcutter, installed HBO NOW app on ODIN and she says:

     "I had no problem connecting to HBO Now on the Odin which is great, since that is my go to for streaming media."  

Please note, it is HBO NOW and not HBO GO.  Game of Thrones here we come!! If you have other recommendations, please message us from our contact page. 

Backer Feedbacks

When building a consumer goods organization, it is common to receive many complaints and questions from our backers.  We are doing our best to get back to you on a timely basis.  

From our short experience so far, we have to say that your unsolicited positive feedback makes us feel really good.  As you know, we are not a big company like Apple and Samsung, so our resources are limited.  However, we like to think that our passion and genuine love for ODIN will propel us forward.  Below are some feedbacks that we received that energizes our team.  


In fairness, we also receive negative feedbacks and I am sharing that with you as well.  We are very appreciative negative feedbacks, because this will better prepare us for the future.  However, below feedback could have been worded a little better. :-)  

Bad Feedback 1.png

ODIN for Holiday Gifts

It is a bit early but some of the backers have inquired about purchasing ODIN for the holidays.  We currently have only 9 ODINs left in inventory.  If you are thinking about it, you should act soon.  Also, we are not sure when the next batch of ODINs will hatch - it will depend on our financing and we are not really sure when that will happen.


REVERSE in Brooklyn

In addition to streaming Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW and many other apps, we have always been intrigued by the power of showcasing anything on the big screen, especially digital art pieces.  Recently, we visited the opening exhibition night at REVERSE - a multidisciplinary workspace and art gallery with an emphasis on new and experimental forms of expression in Brooklyn, NY.  We took a short video of a cool digital art below to share with you.  In the future, we hope to bring you cool works done by REVERSE artists using ODIN.


Hoot, Hoot!

Alex Yoo

Founder of Dos Owls

“Sight, Sound, Everywhere”