August ODIN Update

Hello Dos Owls Backers!

I hope your summer (Northern hemisphere) is going well. Below is an update on our progress so far.


  • We applied to “New York’s Next Top Makers” program. If you can do us a favor and vote for us, we would certainly appreciate it. It we get accepted into the program, we will get free rent for a year and receive a lot of mentoring help from experienced professionals.
  • Default Applications: The following apps will be included when shipped. Please let me know any other apps that you want pre-installed. a. Netflix, Hulu, Google Play, File Management, Video Player, PDF, MS Office Compatible application, XBMC and Dropbox. 
    If there are any others (free apps) you would like to see, please send your email to and I will do my best to figure out what will be included for the general Dos Owls user. In the subject header, please write “ODIN App Suggestion.”
  • MyType Keyboard Delivery: 95% of the backers should have received MyType’s keyboard. If you haven’t received it, please email and copy Please include color and shipping address info. 
    If you received an email from us and replied back within the last 2 weeks, please wait until end of next week.
  • T-shirt Reward: If you pledged for a t-shirt, you should have received the USPS tracking number this week. 
  • Phone Cover: You should have received the tracking number today. 

Tooling / Molding

  • Two weeks ago, we paid the deposit for our single biggest expense to the metal and plastic molding manufacturers. First testing will be done around third week of September and we will need a few more weeks of iterations, so hopefully, it will be ready in early October. 


  • We upgraded to the quad-core processor and it has tested well so far and it is a huge performance improvement from the previous processor. 
  • We had to do some more optimization with the Bluetooth and WiFi settings, because of the weak signal. It works well now but needs to be tested further. 


  • Currently testing Android Kitkat on the quad-core processor. First round of testing should be finished in Mid September. 
  • Netflix’s picture didn’t show with the new processor, so we had to spend some time trying to figure that out. It has been fixed; Hulu and Youtube works the way they should.
  • Had a meeting with an application developer last week. Need to finalize design and functions list and receive a quote. This has taken longer that I would like. 
  • Currently configuring optical settings for battery mode in the user settings.

Packaging Box

  • Still finalizing component items for the box to determine final size. Packaging structure will be sturdy to handle all the stress of international shipping. Due to cost constraints, please understand if it is not as beautiful as it should be. 


  • Instruction manual / video 
  • FCC/CE testing 
  • Shipping solution to backers 
  • Protective carrying case for ODIN


  • Pilot production assembly: We will produce a small run to test assembly technique and training for workers. This should start around mid October. 
  • My China trip is between Oct 13 and 16th. I will be in Taiwan on the 17th. 
  • I will be in Paris (District 15) from Sep 24 to 28th and London (near Kensington Garden) on Sep 30 to Oct 2. Let me know if you want to meet up and see a demo. Email me at