Thanks You! Dos Owls Successfully Raised $268,192 from 561 Backers

Dos Owls Backers,

We are truly thankful for your support in Dos Owls ODIN and we will make you proud as we create audio/visual devices to make your lives more simple and social.

We are surprised by the global support we received.  More than 50% of the backers are from outside of the US.  We certainly didn't expect this and it is telling of the wide interest in a product like ODIN. 

I will be in Hong Kong/Shenzhen/Taiwan on the week of July 20th to meet with engineers, suppliers and manufacturers.  We will keep all of you informed and updated with pictures and changes.  Our goal from the very beginning was to have ODIN in your hands by the holiday season in December; and we will do our best to make that happen.  

Our first production run will be for 1,000 ODINs, so we will pre-sell on our and third-party websites in the near future.  Rest assured that you received the lowest price. 

Thank you again!!!  We will execute in a way to make ODIN 1.0 a collector's item in the future.  In a few days, please expect a survey regarding your addresses, t-shirt sizes, phone cover sizes, and keyboard color.  

In your credit card statement, it will state Alexander West and not Dos Owls.  Alexander West is the sister company to Dos Owls.

Alex Yoo
Founder of Dos Owls