Survey Sent Out - Backerkit


We sent out the survey to collect your shipping addresses and other pertinent info related to your order this past week.  Some of you commented that you did not receive the survey from Backerkit, so I am including some solutions below.  

There are two ways of accessing your survey page.

1. Request new survey from and type in your Kickstarter email address and the survey will be sent to you.  Please make sure to check your spam or junk folder.

2. Send email to and copy if you have any issues with backerkit.

In the picture below, ODIN's ANSI lumens registered over 117, which is above the 115 mentioned in our specifications list.  In our KS and demo videos, prototype's lumen only had 85 lumens, so this is almost 40% brighter than what you saw so far.

Below picture shows inside of ODIN's gut.  Not too much empty space in there.  Unfortunately, the PCB manufacturer can't do orange, so I settled for yellow.  There are still bugs to fix, so we are still testing and fixing.

Alex Yoo