Ni Hao! Dos Owls Shenzhen Trip

Ni Hao! (Hello in Chinese)

I am currently in Shenzhen, China, which is the electronic manufacturing capital of the world.  I have been here since Monday visiting the engineering team, suppliers and manufacturers.  I am leaving later this afternoon to visit Korea for a couple of days and will be back in NY on Sunday night.

A few things:

1. You will receive a survey from Backerkit next week (third-party post-kickstarter service to facilitate delivery and information flow) to collect info such as shipping address, t-shirt size, keyboard color, etc.  Non-ODIN items will be shipped by end of August.

2. I will be in Paris, London and Istanbul at the end of September to visit potential investors and distributors.  I can bring ODIN and INO (second product) for a demo in addition to couple of beers together.  If you have a location for drinks and demo, please message me.

3. Below, I have included some pics from my visit this week.  I will post more next week on our facebook page.  No twitter, facebook,, wall street journal, gmail, etc. here.  Kickstarter works, though!

Optical module manufacturer: This machine measures the ANSI lumens (brightness). This competitor's projector in the marketplace was supposed to have 100 lumens but only 65 lumens came out.


This machine is pretty intimidating.  This stamper cuts and forms the metal.  We will be making our aluminum base stand and metal meshing at this facility.  So, we need to make the moulding/tooling (which is very expensive) so we can attach to one of these stampers.

Typical factory complex in China. I think the architect probably lost his job after this one.

SMT Machine - Surface Mount Technology. Similar to a printer but it places electronic components instead of ink on to the green board. Very fast. White ribbons contain small components.

Reflow Machine (big Quiznos sandwich oven where components are heated so it sticks to the green board. After reflow, workers do an "eye" testing check for quality control. One of the many quality control steps.

Dos Owls backers are everywhere and one main issue is the power plug. I am at the power plug manufacturer looking at different plug options.