Dos Owls is Kickstarter Funded! Outdoor Demo + myType Keyboard

Kickstarter Backers,

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

On day 38, with about 50 hours to go, we reached our goal of $250,000.  With your support and backing, ODIN will be the coolest mobile device of 2014.  According to Wakefiled, "ODIN represents an entirely new class of electronics."    

Below, is a video of ODIN streaming "Tarzan" on to my parent's garage door in Chicago.  Screen size is 300 to 350".  Camera quality in the dark is so-so, but I think you will get an idea for what is possible.  Also, we added a new product to our reward category, myType Keyboard, which was a successful Kickstarter campaign in August 2013.

myType Keyboard is a full-sized Bluetooth keyboard that is lightweight and folds to comfortably disappear into your pocket or purse. (And because it’s Bluetooth it works with all different kinds of devices including Android smartphones and tablets, iPad mini, iPhone, etc.).

We have negotiated a special deal on the myType exclusively for ODIN backers. Just add $50 to your pledge for each myType you would like to add to your order. (Plus $15 per keyboard for international shipping.) You will be able to choose your color when you fill out your survey. 

myType Kickstarter Link:

Again, thank you so much for supporting and backing Dos Owls ODIN.  

Alex Yoo - Founder