The Great Disconnect: Cutting Your Home Internet

As people shifted the bulk of their communicating to mobile phones, they also began cutting off their home phones. Then when television shows and movies finally made it through the digital divide and started appearing online in a timely and legal fashion, people cut their cable television subscriptions. Now, according to this clip from What’s the Big Deal, some “hundreds of thousands” of Americans are taking cord-cutting to the next level and dropping their home’s internet connection, severing ties with their telecom/cable provider entirely.

We haven’t taken that full plunge yet at Dos Owls—the way we live online we’d hit our mobile plan’s monthly data allotment by week two—but the leap makes perfect sense to us. While telecom companies continue to push outdated and overpriced bundled packages on multi-year contracts, public Wi-Fi grows more ubiquitous and mobile data plans more palatable in terms of speed and availability.

Source: What’s the Big Deal