Parliament is in Session

Parliament (from left: Ed, Valentin, Omar, Alex, Michael, and Lance)

Parliament (from left: Ed, Valentin, Omar, Alex, Michael, and Lance)

Did you know that a group of owls is not called a flock, but a parliament. This interesting revelation aside, the members Dos Owls’ US branch (hah) still flocked to the Nest to mark our first all-team in-person gathering.

Huddled over pizza, Bon Chon chicken (don’t worry, as birds of prey, other birds — especially those of deliciously fried Korean variant — fall into our natural diet), and beverages; we shared our backgrounds, passions, and what lead us to Dos Owls. Shortly after that, Alex unveiled the alpha version of our first project. Wow! Delight, excitement, and a bit of awe washed over everyone’s face. And as we started delving into the details of our respective expertise, it became apparent why owls are collectively known as a parliament: each person brought with them wisdom beyond their years.

Our increasingly connected and technological world has almost removed the novelty of bringing a product to market. So much so, that bringing a great product to market is only marginally more impressive.  That’s why we believe that building a great team that’s passionate about creating and delivering great products is on a level all its own. And to our credit, that’s what we’ve built here at Dos Owls.

We look forward to sharing our creations with you.

Photos by Daniel