Refund Calculation and Timing

Hi Backers,

Below, please see your refund recovery information. 

Summary of Expenses and Proceeds (24 months):

  • $151,512 - Total Collected from IndieGoGo and Kickstarter (After 8% fees to KS and 10% fees to IGG)
  • $98,907 - Total expenses incurred on ODIN2
  • $39,379 - My Contribution to ODIN2 (This is my loss on the second version) 
  • $91,984 - Total refund amount
  • 56% - Your recovery percentage 

If you haven't filled out the refund form, please fill it out.  If you already filled it out, please DO NOT fill it out again - this will delay your refund bc we have to recheck again.  Refunds will go out in the next 2 weeks.

Thanks again for your support and understanding.



Need Your Refund Payment Information

Hello backers,

I am following up on my update from last week where we announced the cessation of the ODIN2 project. Some of you have already sent us your payment info but please fill out the payment information form below so we can streamline the process.

Some of you have enquired as to why I am stopping the ODIN2 project.  Although, we are currently 6 months behind the delivery date of June 2017, we are actually 18 months behind my internal timeline of where we should be - I have been working on ODIN2 for about 24 months now.  Even if the prototype was at a stage where we could start the tooling process - which it is not - it would be another 6 months until delivery.  The reality is that I really don't think my current engineers will be able to deliver a quality product even if I gave them 6 more months.  I think the chance of losing all the money for a subpar product is very likely if we stay on this track.

Please fill out the payment form link above.  My next update will have information on use-of-funds summary.  I have a lot of bookkeeping to do before I can create this analysis.  I am guesstimating that you will see recovery rates of between 60 and 65%.

Best regards,


ODIN2 Update - November 30, 2017 (Not Good News)

Hello Kickstarter backers,

I have been avoiding this update for a little while now. As much I have done to get ODIN2 closer to mass production, I have slowly and reluctantly accepted the fact that the probability of a successful ODIN2 delivery is now small.

Main reason being that I cannot get the engineering firm to work and focus on ODIN2. They are a contract engineering firm based in Shenzhen, China and after almost 2 years developing ODIN2, they are continuously giving me one excuse after another. I even had Young Zhang, our full-time local staff, oversee China operations for the last two years but it was not enough and he eventually quit recently due to engineering firm’s unprofessional attitude and empty promises.

I have reviewed scenarios of switching engineering firms but the additional new costs, technology obsolescence, significant time requirement, dealing with a new Chinese based engineering firm and just the general difficulty with the hardware and software development and mass manufacturing process made switching engineering firms unappetizing and very risky.  

Major mistake that I made was picking the wrong engineering firm. When I did my research, sources told me the head engineer (and owner) was very smart and very capable but a little unprofessional and was not client oriented. Well, I can definitely vouch for his lack of customer friendly orientation. I would even say that he shows signs of Asperger syndrome – I am obviously not a medical doctor who can diagnose that, but it is my assumption. 

So, I have decided to start the refund process. It doesn’t make sense and not fair to ask you to wait another 3, 6, 9 or whatever unknown months. This really bothers me but I will not be able to refund 100% of your contributions. I think you will get between 60 to 65% of your contributions back. Off the top, Kickstarter took 5% and Amazon payments took 3% of total crowdfunding contributions. In my next update, I will provide a more full use-of-funds detail.

The easiest way to refund your money is via Paypal or Venmo. I cannot do it through the credit card you used, because your contributions went through Kickstarter and it has been too long since the payment date. In the United States, I can also send out checks if that is easier for people. Outside of the United States, if we cannot use Paypal, we will figure something out. My goal is to get you the refunds before end of the year.  

Next Steps:

  • Please wait for another update that will detail out the use of funds and refund calculation 
  • We will be contacting all of you to get the proper contact info for the refund. 

I thank all of you for your support and I am really sorry that I was not able to deliver ODIN2. I had a much easier time developing ODIN1 and ODIN2 experience was very unexpected. Sorry again. 

Alex Yoo

October ODIN2 Update

Hello backers,

I want to share a new video of me testing the latest prototype.  In the video, I am browsing a Game of Thrones behind the scenes video in HBO NOW, watching an ESPN sports video and a Saturday Night Live episode on YouTube.

The optical brightness is still less than 50% of capacity but optical quality and sound is a lot better than ODIN1.  ODIN2 only has one 3-watt speaker but it has a sound cavity and better amplifier chip than ODIN1 to deliver a superior sound. 

In my last update in August, I mentioned that the heat dissipation was the biggest issue.  My engineers are off this week due to the Chinese Golden Week but I am told that the new heat sink - for heat dissipation - will be delivered next week from the heat sink supplier.  Keeping my fingers crossed.   

Below are some pictures and video from my September trip to Shenzhen.


Old Fan and New Fan


Old Heatsink Proto


September Version - Heat Sink Proto

Rooting Change

For those sophisticated Android tinkerers, we mentioned that ODIN2 will be open root system but due to a recent change in Netflix app, we will not be opening the root access.  Recent Netflix app does not work on rooted systems (relevant article). I found this out recently after trying to install the Netflix app. 

Promise to Backers:

I am not going produce a crappy product for the sake of just delivering this project.  ODIN2 is pretty complicated and it requires a lot of financial and technical resources.  Progress has been slow but I am working through all the issues as best as I can.   

We have very little cash burn at the moment, because a lot of engineering expenses have already been paid.  I am sorry for the delay and I really appreciate the patience that most of you have shown. 

Alex Yoo

ODIN2: August Update

Hello backers!

Happy summer and please enjoy it while we still have it.  I can already see some leaves turning brown in Brooklyn.

In our June update, we mentioned that we had two major roadblocks - touch panel firmware and hinge stability and I feel like these two items have been solved.  

Touch Panel - we had to find another screen supplier and remake the touch panel mold and I personally tested the touch panel working.  

Hinge Stability - In previous prototype versions, we 3D printed the plastic body and base casing.  This time we used a higher grade plastic prototyping method, which will be similar to the mass-production version quality and we also changed to a metal base to provide more weight.  I feel the hinge movement is smooth and stable enough now.  I feel good about this also. 

Here is a picture of ODIN2 playing a video on ESPN on a web browser.


Below is a video of ODIN2 prototype turning on.  I have to apologize that it only shows ODIN2 turning on.  I was testing it yesterday and I was able to use the WiFi and browse the Internet but I turned it off by unplugging it directly from the wall instead of turning the device off first, and now, the start-up mode is looping and I can't test anything else.

Next Challenges:

Although I was only able to test for a limited time, I listed below issues that need to resolved before I can decide on the mass production step.

  • Optical brightness was not as bright as it should be in the prototype.  This is related to heat in the device.  We need to figure out a better way to get rid of heat inside the device.  I think a combination of heat sink, airflow path and fan speed and model needs to be addressed. [Difficult]
  • The user facing camera was not sensitive enough in a dimly lit environment.  Mostly likely need to switch camera. [Low to Medium Difficulty] 
  • Optimize WiFi and Bluetooth quality [Med Difficulty]
  • Keystone and Auto focus needs to work a lot better. [Low to Medium Difficulty]
  • More modifications to the home page to improve usability. [Low to Medium Difficulty]
  • In general, mores testing needs to be done with a variety of apps.  

I will be going back to Shenzhen China in the next week or two to sit down with the engineers on the above concerns.  Only when I am satisfied that we are making good progress on the heat dissipation (high concern) and majority of software (less concern) issues, we will open the mold for mass production.  

The most important thing for me at this point is that all of you receive a quality product.  This being our second time, I really thought that we would have a more smooth production and delivery but due to working with a new engineering team, this has not been the case. 

I know that a lot of you want a delivery date for ODIN2, which is very understandable.  Right now, I am not sure when the date will be but hopefully, I will have a better handle on it in the next 3 to 4 weeks.   

Sorry for the delay and I thank you for your patience.


Alex Yoo from Dos Owls

More Pics: Please note this prototype is all black.  Mass version will have the white body casing - same as the picture on Kickstarter.


ODIN2 Summer Update

Hi Backers!

Hope you are enjoying the summer weather.  

I just came back from meeting our engineers in Shenzhen, China a few days ago.  It has been some time since the last update, and I apologize for the silence - I was waiting on a couple of items to finalize. 

I took the video below at the engineering office that shows ODIN2 powering up and turning on the screen and projector.

There are two major roadblocks that are hindering us in going to the next step - touch panel and rotational hinge.

Touch Panel is the piece that goes on top of the screen that allows for screen touch control.  We think there is a software bug from the touch panel supplier - we don't think it is a bug from our PCB firmware.  Not sure if the bug is from the actual touch panel or the microchip related to the touch panel but we are working diligently to figure it out.

Hinge is the piece that allows ODIN2 to rotate up and down to adjust for different viewing angles.  We have gone through a few iterations already and the latest version was a lot better in terms of smoothness and the way it closed.  However, I am still not sold on this latest iteration and may look into a different type of hinge design.  

Above picture shows the inside guts, outside shell and screen.

Above picture shows the inside guts, outside shell and screen.

Above picture shows the inside guts, outside shell and screen.

Above picture shows the inside guts, outside shell and screen.

I am disappointed that we will not meet the initial delivery date but I think it is more important to deliver a quality product. I will be going back to Shenzhen next month and I hope to start on moulding at that time.

Best regards,

Alex Yoo

Dos Owls

ODIN 2 Update - March 2017

Hello Backers!

Spring is here and it is getting warmer in New York.  Hope you are enjoying the change of weather as well.

Sorry about the delay in sending you an update.  I was waiting so I could update you with a video of the new prototype but the new prototype will not be ready for another 4 weeks. 

We had to make more modifications to ODIN2's mechanical structure to accommodate a bigger touch panel.  In the Kickstarter prototype you saw a few months ago, it included a 4.7" touch screen.  However, when we tried to get more of the same touch screens, manufacturer stopped making them, so we had to wait for the new 5.5" touch screens to come in stock.

Besides changing the casing structure, we had to remake the touch panel tooling (the piece that goes on top of the screen).  Once the touch panel molding is confirmed, we will remake the PCB.

Next Steps

Once I confirm the next prototype version, we will start on opening the mould for the casing which will take about 6 to 8 weeks. Another 6 to 8 weeks after that until end of mass assembly.

Below are some of the modifications that we made:


The two small holes on the top are holes for the microphone.


The wider profile make the device look a lot skinnier overall. We also had to widen the lens cover to re-balance the front profile.


This is a side view of the cross section. We already started the molding on the hinge which allows ODIN2 to tilt when viewing.


There are a lot of parts to ODIN. A lot of these parts have to be custom made.

ODIN2 Stretch Goals + Opportunities

Hello ODIN2 Backers,

We are currently at $174,000 with 21 more days to go.  We want to keep this momentum going, so we are rolling out with stretch goals.  As we breakthrough each milestone, we will include the items when shipping ODIN2.  The first stretch goal was requested from our current ODIN2 backers, Shahvan Kaikobad and Anthony Calloway.

Stretch Goals

  • $225K - Include KODI application - award winning software for playing videos, music, pictures, games, and more
  • $300K - ODIN2 Carrying Case
  • $500K - Upgrade internal storage to 32 GB

We received one question from many backers, "Will ODIN2 work with Apple devices?" The answer is Yes, it will work with Apple products by a screen mirroring software that we will integrate into ODIN2 before shipping.  You will be able to transfer your phone or tablet images and videos to ODIN2. 

Please share with your friends and family on facebook and twiiter.

Investment Opportunity

Also, Dos Owls is a self-funded company so far and after this campaign, we will be looking for investors. If you are interested or know of any angels, please message me.  We believe the advances in optical lens will change the way consumers interact with optical screens and we plan to become a major player in the smart projector segment.

Best regards,

Alex Yoo + Dos Owls Team

Creators Helping Creators:

My wife bought FLIP and told me about it -  a smart stylus for your tablet and phone. You will be able to design and sketch what you want with a stylus on a tablet and mirror the screen on ODIN2's 100"+ screen.

FLIP: The World’s Most Intuitive Smart Stylus

Lynktec’s back on KS again with another great accessory for Apple enthusiasts, a smarter stylus that’s magnetically powered and works just like the pencil you grew up with! This new technology provides advanced features like flip to erase, zoom, hover, auto dimming, palm rejection, and more without using Bluetooth or batteries. If you like having cool tech that lets you get more out of your iPad and/or iPhone, we definitely suggest you check it out HERE:

ODIN2 FAQs + Artificial Intelligence

Hi ODIN2 backers!

A lot of people have asked me, "what makes ODIN2 so different from ODIN1?"  

Besides the obvious but big improvements to the optical engine and Android performance, ODIN2's integrated camera, microphone and touchscreen make ODIN2 truly unique.

  • Microphone allows for future integration of artificial intelligence technology like Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.  Alexa is open source so we just need to spend some time figuring out how to integrate it.  Google Assistant is not available to non Google products for now, but when it becomes available, we will certainly look into making it available through an update.
  • Camera and microphone allows for group video calling experience on Skype, WeChat, among others. 

FAQs from Backers

[Riverflower, Australia] How far can you put the projector back without affecting the picture quality?  The screen will become bigger as you move ODIN2 away from the wall.  At about 3 yards, the screen size will be approximately 100 inches.  As the screen gets bigger, the light will disperse on a bigger surface area, making it less bright, so in order to compensate, you will need to darken the room.    

[Javier] Can I connect it to my bluetooth speaker? Yes.  If you are viewing it outside on a roof or backyard, an external bluetooth speaker will help with the sound.  We use JBL Charge for our own outdoor viewing.  Here is a video on how to pair to a bluetooth speaker. 

Engineering Progress

This latest iteration will allow ODIN2 to fully take advantage of video calling and artificial intelligent applications.  Because ODIN2 runs on Android, we have a lot of options.


Creators Helping Other Creators

Monkey Light Automatic: Best Bike Lights

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HOME of my MEMORIES: 3D Animation. A Heartwarming Story of Our Memories

"Through this 5 minute animated short-film, we want you to go back into your memories and remember all those people from which we learned different kind of things that helped us to define our identity.

We all have people who may not be with us any longer, but are able to transcend through our memories, and live in them along with their legacy. Humans are not immortal but their teachings last through generations. 

How other people’s life inspired yours? How would you like to inspire others?" 

HOW TO BE A MAGICIAN: 47 incredible tricks ANYONE can do

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