Who Are We?

Dos Owls is a forward thinking tech company that aims to revolutionize the world of audio/visual sharing. 

We represent mobility, freedom, engagement, inclusion and community. 

Our devices erase boundaries in the sharing of digital content and elevate educational, artistic, business and entertainment activities to living, breathing unforgettable human experiences. With distinct features like portable theater-like viewing, wireless connectivity, exceptional sound output and compact, innovative design, Dos Owls is on a quest to take communal content sharing to newer and more daring heights. 

Our overarching goal is to turn normalcy on its head, and replace previously accepted paradigms with epic, transformational possibilities. We believe that progress happens when passionate people choose to think without boundaries and execute with intelligence and courage. 

This is our calling, our passion and our singular, dedicated mission.

We proudly invite you to the Dos Owls era.

Alexander C. Yoo, Founder



Dos Owls Team


  • Alex Yoo, Founder
  • Omar McFarlane, Operations Manager
  • Valentin Sidersky, Electrical Engineer
  • Lance Hazelton, Industrial Design
  • Michael Boswell, Art and Graphic Design
  • Rob Soucy, Video Director
  • George Hagan, Copy
  • Andrew Zimbelman, Illustrator


  • A. Zhang, Technology Lead
  • Wilson, Mechanical Engineer
  • Hans, Software
  • A. Zeng, Software
  • Feng, Hardware
  • Toby, Production
  • Aaron, Industrial Design
  • April, Hardware
  • Wong, Quality Control


Dos Owls Story

Sometimes when a problem offers no apparent answers, the only solution is to radically alter the operating parameters. That’s exactly what occurred with the genesis of Dos Owls.

After being continuously frustrated with paying for cable service I wasn’t using, I decided to make the bold move to cancel my subscription. In actuality, I was getting all my news and entertainment via the Internet and my mobile phone – watching cable shows on my television was something I rarely did.  Even though my new arrangement was liberating and financially empowering, I soon noticed that I missed the enjoyment of sitting back in my living room and catching a movie on a widescreen television. Somehow, the experience of watching my favorite show on a tablet wasn’t that inspiring.  

I decided to venture out and find a device that would meet my needs. I wanted a product that could handle all my viewing apps (Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) and provide a big screen experience along with superior sound quality.

To my dismay, the only way I could achieve what I desired was hooking up my computer to a bulky projector (prone to inconvenient overheating) and separate, external speakers. It was a cumbersome set-up with unsightly wiring that took up too much space. Needless to say, this situation was not ideal, and I knew there had to be a better way.

Long story short, that search morphed into the initial idea for the creation of Dos Owls – a multi-functional, portable visual display that solves a slew of A/V problems and opens the door to a limitless universe of content sharing possibilities. It’s battery-powered, wireless (wi-fi and blue tooth), compact and connects effortlessly with mobile devices.

Necessity sparked invention and I haven’t looked back since.